Hello world!

New Orleans: Monday lunch special at the Camel...

New Orleans: Monday lunch special at the Camellia Grill: Red beans & rice with hamburger patty. Also a mocha freeze. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of you know me as Sara Jacobelli, some as Saratoga and some just as Toga.

This is my first post of my new blog. The name is “Capitare a fagiolo.” In Italian, this expression means, “to arrive, happen, just at the right time.” It actually translates to, “It happens at the bean” which reflects on the Italian people’s dependence on the bean as a staple.  Similar to New Orleans and red beans and rice. (definition courtesy of “Cassell’s Colloquial Italian.” Collier books, 1980).

In this blog, I will share with you links to some of my published stories, provided I can figure out how to do that. I will also post some original writing here. I welcome contributions of short fiction, preferably “flash fiction” of 500 words or less, and short nonfiction pieces, as well as poetry. Hopefully, I will figure out how to add photos and other graphics. At this point I’m just grateful to get the blog up and running.

What will the blog be about? Well, I used to edit the zine The Dagger, and one reviewer called it, “a directionless zine with a wide variety of poignant essays,” so I’m not sure I can beat that. I have a terrible sense of direction anyway. Expect stuff about New Orleans and whatever else  comes to mind.

Photo Credit: “Red Beans and Rice at the Camelia Grill,” Wikipedia.

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3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. No one really knows where they are in the city. The streets follow the direction of the Mississississippi River, not the compass. Elysian Fields is probably the only true north-south street in the city!

    We even have t-shirt to show the lack of direction:

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