Flashshot! Flashshot! Flashshot!

Flashshot was an ezine that published science fiction of one hundred words or less.  The editor and publisher is G.W. Thomas. Although the website is still up, the ezine has stopped publishing new pieces and is shutting down. They published two of my flash fiction pieces, “The Giant Eyeball” and “The Traditional Freakshow.” I also submitted a third piece, “They’re so Cute at that Age” but never heard anything back. Then I noticed on Duotrope that Flashshot is shutting down.

I never attempted to write science fiction before. It was interesting to experiment with a different genre.  My pieces are a bit subtle, so they could be interpreted in several different ways.

Their story index does not seem to be working, so I will share the stories with you here.


(Three pieces of flash science fiction)

note:  “The Giant Eyeball” story was actually told to me numerous times by a San Francisco acquaintance. I knew I had to use it somewhere. I’ve always been fascinated by circuses, carnivals, and freak shows, so that’s what inspired “The Traditional Freak Show.” As for the story, “They’re So Cute at That Age”,  just think of the ultimate “helicopter parent.”



(Flash Fiction)  © copyright 2012   by  Sara Jacobelli

“We were looking for a place to grow weed, in Mississippi, in the middle of nowhere, of course,” Roger pauses for effect, “and then we see this giant eyeball, right there in the middle of the sky.”

“An eyeball?” I’m nursing a hangover, feeling suspicious about this eyeball story.

“Wait, I didn’t get to the weird part of it yet.” Roger splashes Crystal onto his scrambled eggs. “The funny thing is, we all saw it. Peter and Bonnie and Moriarty and me.”

“Yeah, so.”

“One by one they forgot about the eyeball. I’m the only one who remembers it.”



(Flash Fiction)  © copyright 2012   by Sara Jacobelli

Freak Show

“Gotta baby that talks. You interested?” Gus tapped his fingers on the bar. Something about his face spelled Sleazy.

“No good. They’re all over the TV.” Ralph shook his head. “I want an old fashioned freak show. Like PT Barnum. Clean, family entertainment. Twenty bucks a pop, kids free.”

Gus ordered Jamesons on the rocks. “What you drinking?”

“A Miller.  Bring me something more original, you know.”

“I gotta two headed lady. Goes to church, tries to get communion for both heads.”

Ralph  looked interested. “They both talk?”

Gus lit a cigarette. “Nah, one’s dead. It just sits there.”




(Flash Fiction)  © copyright 2012  by Sara Jacobelli

“It’s safe, Dr. Finklebaum?” Mrs. Murphy asked, chewing the skin on the edge of her fingers. “No side effects?”

Finklebaum nodded.  He reminded her of Caspar the Friendly Ghost. “Don’t worry, FDA approved.” He leaned back in his office chair, talking through stacks of papers. “How old are they?”

Mrs. Murphy took out her digital camera, clicked to a picture of a boy and a girl opening Christmas presents. “Three and five.” She beamed with parental pride.

He leaned forward to peer at the photo. “With weekly injections, they’ll never get any older, never leave you and never break your heart.”


October 7, 2012 Update: Postcard Shorts just published “They’re so Cute at that Age.”




Photo Credits:

“Eyeball,” Wikipedia, CC Attribution Share Alike.

“Freak Show”, Tinnytintin.

“Tricycle,” mcarruth.


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