First Stop Fiction


First Stop Fiction just published my story, “Controlling Miss Lovekey.” I can’t post it here, but I can share the link.

According to their website, “First Stop Fiction is dedicated to publishing stories that spare no opportunity to end. We like things left messy. We like resonance achieved, then left alone.”

If you enjoy writing flash fiction, you’ll want to try this. The challenge is:   to stop!

As for “Controlling Miss Lovekey,” I wrote the story specifically for this publication. I was inspired by memories of my older brother reading Herman Hesse. I was about ten, and read everything that he read. When I read Demian, I became fascinated by the mind control aspects.

First Stop Fiction may do a print anthology of the stories from their first two years of publication, so there’s a chance I could be in that.


Controlling Miss Lovekey   ©   copyright   2012  by Sara Jacobelli

Photo Credit: “Typewriter,” by mikeymckay.


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