88 St. Claude

St. Claude Avenue Bridge

88 St. Claude    (Flash Nonfiction)

©   copyright 2012 by Sara Jacobelli

The guy in front of me is telling everyone on the bus he just got out of rehab. The guy across from him chimes in, “Me too, I did mines too, I’m out now, I got me a job.” The bus crowd is collectively proud of both of them. Every ride is a performance, every day a piece of street theater. The bus crowd groans when we are forced to stop for the train, and again when the bridge is up over the Industrial Canal.  Don’t worry, it’s only Intermission. 


90 Days, 90 Meetings    (Flash Nonfiction)

©   copyright 2012 by  Sara Jacobelli

“First ninety days, you go to ninety meetings,” Carlos’s mom lit a Lucky Strike. The kitchen table oddly empty without her bottle of wine. “Tonight’s family night.” A dozen factory workers, tired, grubby. Everyone shuffled to the coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts.  A smiling teacher type cornered us, tapped her capable fingernails against a sad hand-lettered sign proclaiming, “Alateen meetings on Saturdays 1-3 pm.”  

Mmm, coffee . . .

Photo Credits:

“St. Claude Avenue Bridge,” by cmh2315fl, CC NonCommercial License

“Mmm coffee,” by Bill on Capital Hill, CC Non Commercial license


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