Tales from the Road: Denver Juvenile Hall

©  copyright 2012  by Sara Jacobelli

Steve McQueen with Wally Floody, a former POW ...

Denver Juvenile Hall  (Flash Nonfiction)

There is nothing to do, one Same Day lines up after another. The girls look forward to the cafeteria strut— three bland meals a day— they gossip and laugh and shriek and fight. I don’t talk to anyone, I try to remember passages from my favorite books and make up stories and poems and songs inside my head. One day, our keepers let us out onto a concrete patio for recreation and I was startled by the brightness of the sun, the glory of the sky, the light touch of wind on my skin. I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, plotting my escape— climbing over the barbed wire fence, dropping down ten feet, running through residential neighborhoods, as fearless and as fast and as strong as Paul Newman or Steve McQueen. Getting back to Colfax Avenue, and the movement and the fiber and the rhythm of the streets.


Photo Credit: “Steve McQueen with Wally Floody, a former POW who served as a technical adviser for the film The Great Escape,” by Wikipedia. Non-free, could qualify as Fair Use Photo.


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4 responses to “Tales from the Road: Denver Juvenile Hall

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  2. carlos

    the great cookie caper

    • Yes, that is true! I suppose the Great Cookie Caper is famous around the world now! You just shouldn’t deny a kid a chocolate chip cookie!

      • I did get busted for eating cookies out of open packages in the Denver Safeway! After that, the caseworker called it the Cookie Case and then it morphed into the Great Cookie Caper. No one in juvie believed me when I said I was busted for eating cookies.

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