Lost in the Rain in Juarez. . .

Lost in the Rain in Juarez. . ..



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2 responses to “Lost in the Rain in Juarez. . .

  1. Here is a comment from a reader that did not want to use her email account or real name, so I am posting this from my account.

    “I really liked your memoir of Juarez. I went there too, also on my way to San Francisco. I thought that was kinda funny. It was me and three guys I met in New Orleans. We decided one night we wanted to see Haight Ashbury so hopped in the one guy’s car that night and took off, with a slight detour to El Paso for one day to cross the border and try to get some peyote buttons.

    Don”t ask me why, I was just along for the ride. We did eventually make it to San Francisco where I had my first acid trip. I wasn’t there more than two weeks and managed to be arrested for trespassing. We were crashing in an abandoned house about 2 blocks from Haight St. I spent 5 days in lock-up. When I got out I hitch-hiked back to New Orleans, Pronto.”

    by Spooky

  2. Thanks for sharing this story! I remember those hitch-hiking days. I really felt I was moving up in the world, that summer of 83, by riding in the 69 Chevy, as opposed to hitching, and staying in a cheap motel instead of abandoned buildings.

    I also got popped by the cops for trespassing, but they didn’t take me to jail. I was crashing in an abandoned house in Miami Beach when I was a teenager. I did fine by myself, because I only slept there at night, and hung out on the beach and on Collins Avenue in the daytime. My downfall was letting a bunch of other folks crash there with me. Of course, they hung out there in the daytime too, and that’s when the neighbor’s noticed the commotion in a supposedly “empty” house and called the cops.

    Imagine my surprise when the Miami Beach cops heard my name and told me they had busted my father a few times. They laughed and let me go. I must have been about 16.

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