NPR Three Minute Fiction Contest!


Round 10 of NPR’s Three Minute Fiction Contest Starts Saturday, February 2. That is when the topic, guest judge, and time limit will be announced during the Weekend Edition of  All Things Considered. The short stories must be read in about three minutes, which comes out to 600 words. Check out their website and winners from previous years.

The winner of Round 9 not only had his story read on the air and published on the NPR website, the story was also published in the Paris Review.

Some of the runners up are also published on the website.

So. . . who’s game?    Come on now, you’re writing on your blog anyway, so why not try this? It should be fun, challenging, and you can still stay in your jammies.

Photo Credit: “NPR,” by Mad Czech, License CC NonCommercial NoDerivs. Flickr.


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