Conversations Overheard on North Rampart Street


Mt Kili.jpg (21177 bytes)

Two girls and one guy walking down the street.

 They look like college students.  

Girl # 1: “So, like, I’m going hiking on Mt. Kilimanjaro, and I’ve got like, the clothes and everything. But, like, it’s going to be real cold up there and I’m going to be like, the only girl with all these guys. So, like , a friend of mine was telling me I’ve got to buy this, like, device for twenty dollars that lets you like,  pee like a man, for when I’m, like, at the top of the mountain. So, like I bought it. . . “

Girl # 2 giggles.

Guy: “Did you try it out yet?”

Girl # 1: “No, but, like, I haven’t had the nerve to like try it yet, but it’ll come in handy I’m sure.”



Two fiftyish men sitting on a stoop waiting for the bus. They check out a tall woman walking by.

Guy # 1: “Hoo-eeh, mm-hmm, look at that big broad. Nice big tall woman. That’s what I like.”

Guy # 2: Yeah, but around here, bra, you don’t know if that’s a big woman or a big man, know what I mean? You see what I’m sayin?”

Guy #1: “I hear ya, bra. I hear ya.”



Photo Credit: “Mt. Kilamanjaro.” CC NonCommercial ShareAlike.




Conversations Overhead on North Rampart Street.

©  Copyright 2014 by Sara Jacobelli


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