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Check out quarterreads.com:



This new website debuted on October 14, 2014. They all calling themselves a hybrid between traditional publishing and self publishing. I had three short stories accepted for publication on Quarter Reads: Jail Babies, The Melonheads, and Torture.

I thought The Melonheads would be a good fit since it is a Halloween story. (My stories are listed under General/Literary Fiction. You can also search by title or by author).


For Writers:

You submit your stories,  between 500-2,000 words. (fiction, nonfiction, poetry are all accepted).

Readers can browse and read the beginning of your story. If they like what they see, they pay 25 cents to read the rest of the story. If they really like it a lot, they can tip you 25, 50, or 75 cents.

OK, you won’t get rich off of this site. You might make a few bucks a month, plus you get exposure for your work. You can include a brief bio and links to your blog/website and twitter feed.

All work is copyrighted by the authors. You can publish stories here that you have previously published on your blog.  (You can also publish stories that you have published elsewhere, but in that case, you need to check on whatever agreements you have made with the previous publisher).


For Readers:

You sign on and pay$10 for 40 reads or $20 for 80 reads.  (They use  PayPal).  You can browse  for free and pay 25 cents if you want to read the whole story.  You have the option of tipping an additional 25, 50, or 75 cents. 88 % of the original 25 cents goes to the author. 100 % of the tips go to the author. It’s a way to show writers that you appreciate their work.

Right now they are running a contest  for new subscribers where you can submit your favorite word in the English language and get $5 worth of free reads. Hopefully they will have contests like that from time to time.


So can ya spare a quartah to help a stawving writah?


Or as Ruthie da Duck Lady useta say, “Ya got a quartah, for latah?


Photo Credit: “Money.” Pixabay Free Images. CC NonCommercial ShareAlike.



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