More Stories Published on QuarterReads!

I just published three more stories on QuarterReads:

Marilyn Monroe Will Have Her Own Room

The Pink Lady

Suicide is Not Your Friend

All three of these are short stories and can be found under General/Literary Fiction. In this category, select Most Recent.

You can also search by author and/or by title. QuarterReads  bills itself as “A Short Read at a Fair Price.”

The site allows you to read the beginning of a story for free, and if you want to purchase it through PayPal, the stories are 25 cents each. (40 reads for 10 bucks. 80 reads for 20 bucks) You can also tip a writer an additional 25, 50, 75 cents or even a dollar!

Come on now, I have 725 followers on Capitare a Fagiolo and Twitter, if everyone joined QuarterReads, that’s a lot of stories you can read anytime anywhere anyhow and a lot of new writers you can discover!

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