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The Sound of Tinny Speakers

The Sound of Tinny Speakers.


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The Sound of Tinny Speakers

My latest flash fiction piece was published in 50-Word Stories:

Eviction notice; drive-in nights.

Swings and slides til the sky darkened, the movie started.

Feet crunching gravel to Poppy’s ancient Cadillac, a grand ship sailing the seven seas.

Joanie in pajamas, gulping hot dog and Coke, asked, “Is this our home now?”

Pillows, blankets, brothers, laundry, in the back seat.

©  Copyright 2014 by Sara Jacobelli   (Flash Fiction)

The trick here is that the stories have to be exactly 50 words, not “50 words or less.” So go ahead, write one!


Photo Credit: “Drive-in speakers are now memorabilia items.” (Photo from Willard Library (9PC-83)

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