Da Winnah! Da Winnah! Da Winnah!

Award, Prize, Ribbon, Winner, Win

You can read the first, second, and third place stories on Finn McCool’s website:                 http://finnmccools.com/shortstory

I won first prize in Finn McCool’s Short Story Contest this year!  My story is called, “The Legend of Salty Charlie” and is a bar room tale of legend, lore, the sea, dreams, desire, and some bullshit too.

I certainly enjoyed writing it, and am only sad that Tree, the bartender at Iggy’s—who appears briefly, in the story— is no longer with us in this world. (How fun it would be to walk in the bar and tell Tree not only did I give him a few lines in the story, but that I won!)

I won a keg of Guinness!  Which I can drink at the bar: actually, it’s a well card giving me 80 pints of Guinness at Finn’s, so no matter how broke I am, I can invite my mates for a pint!

The story is published on Finn McCool’s website, along with the second and third prize winners. It will also be published in an upcoming print anthology: the 2015 Finn McCool’s Short Story Collection, and in their newsletter!

2nd prize: The Streets of Purgatory by Beth Sherwood

3rd prize: Ruse by Harry Bruns


Finn McCool’s voted one of top ten Irish pubs in the world outside of Ireland:


Finn McCool’s voted best Irish bar in New Orleans:



Picture Credit: “First Prize,” copyright free image. Pixabay.


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