That bitch Katrina. . .

Sky, Cloud, Storm, Black And White

OK, I know. The tenth so called “anniversary” . . . oooh that’s a crummy word.  “remembrance”. . . “memorial”. . . “horrible thing that we’d like to forget but nobody’ll let us”? will soon be upon us. I know, I know, you really don’t want to relive the damn thing, and I don’t either.

But, let’s face it. It’s gonna be all over the news, on the radio, in the “The SomeTimes-Picayune.” So to head them off, if you have something you want to say about The Storm, please email it to me and I will post some of the pieces here.

Short pieces are preferred. Any genre is acceptable: flash nonfiction,  flash fiction, poetry, a one-act play, a letter.

I can’t offer much in the way of payment, but if you are a local, I’ll buy you a drink. (If you don’t live in New Orleans, you can come visit and I’ll buy you a drink too. So there.)

Why let our stories be told by others who weren’t there? Tell it yourself, in your own words. I’ll post whatever interesting stuff you send me throughout the month of August.

. . . and on August 29th, 2015? I’ll be crying, babe. I’ll be in a bar crying with my friends,  and missing those who are gone.


sarajacobelli (at)  Hotmail  (dot)   com

You can include your story in the body of the email. Thanks.


Photo Credit: “Sky, Clouds, Storm,” Pixabay Copyright Free Images.


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