You Look so Young for Your Age!

Roses, Flower, Nature, Macro, Pink, Rose

My story, “You Look so Young for Your Age!” has been published on

Like I’ve said before, the most popular stories on this site seem to be sci fi, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, or some combo of those. I wouldn’t dismiss the site for other stories, such as general/literary fiction, crime/mystery and whatever else you write. (But you might want to toss in a vampire or a zombie or some gratuitous time travel to get more hits.)

I’ve read some of the stories and liked them. They are good short reads for lunch breaks, or if you have a mobile device thingy, you can read them while riding on the bus or waiting in line.

At least they are paying writers. . . OK, it’s not much, but if you get a lot of hits you can make a few dollars a month, enough to pay for your Duotrope subscription.

Check out these QuarterReads reviews:

. . . and an interview with Ian Rose, the Portland, Oregon-based editor:


Photo Credit: “Roses, Flowers, Nature, Macro, Pink,” Pixabay Copyright Free Images.



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3 responses to “You Look so Young for Your Age!

  1. Thanks for the pingback, I’m not sure if you meant to link to the review of QuarterReads that I did which you can find here –

    I’ll certainly be checking out your QR story 🙂

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