New Orleans (after the storm) by musician and songwriter Jim Smith

Listen to the song here:

In honor of the 10th anniversary

of Katrina (and Rita)

from 2005 Jim Smith

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New Orleans (after the storm)

People ask me what I’m doin’

well I don’t know

The life I lived, the whole wide world,

everything. . . put on hold

And there’s’ my city, Lord, dyin’ on TV

they give it a Hollywood name

My favorite is ‘America’s Tragedy.’


I hang out with family

in the Midwest

I see an Amish girl go by

she’s wearing a long blue dress

I think she just might be

the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. . .

I think about changing my religion

then I think about New Orleans


Driving through the country

the windows down

I’m listenin’ to Johnny Cash

singin’ Mean Eyed Cat

I turn it up too loud

Over rolling hills

Lord it’s the American Dream

you find yourself a pretty girl

and ya start up a family

but me I’m thinkin’ about New Orleans


I tell my family

I’m gonna check things out

and then I’m comin’ back to stay

and this time I mean it cause,

I’m not afraid

of fast food restaurants,

strip malls and weak coffee

it’s all part of the American scene

and then I Drive to New Orleans. . .


And miles and miles. . .

and miles. . . dead everything. . .

The National Guard, refrigerators and boats

on the streets

And most of the city is gray or brown

except the sky

and it’s the bluest blue ya ever seen

in New Orleans


So now ya ask me what I’m doin’

and I say. . .

When you have a friend in need

you can’t just turn your back

and walk away

and everybody here

you know what I mean

and though sometimes it’s best not to breathe

we’re living in New Orleans


written by New Orleans musician/songwriter/artist Jim Smith

You can catch Jim performing at Checkpoint Charlies:

Address: 501 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116
Phone:(504) 281-4847

You can hear more of his songs at: Jim Smith’s Damn Frontier on


Picture Credit: “fleur di lis” depositphotos.


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