. . . a child’s Hurricane Katrina homework


I found a piece of loose-leaf paper that appears to be a child’s homework. It looks like he or she was answering questions regarding whether or not New Orleans should have Hurricane Katrina commemorations on August 29th. I did not correct the spelling or grammar, but left it as it is. I found the roughness of it to be almost like poetry—in its honest intensity.



“they do not want the memory of the familys that were lost in Katrina.

because people lie about what rilly happened on Katrina.

some people don’t see anything good from Katrina.

They know what rilly happend in Katrina and they do not think it should be celebrated.

People no what happened on Katrina so some people do not want talk about it Because of ther family and how Katrina happened.”


The author is Anonymous.

Photo Credit: Crushed dreams and moldy memories, petapixel.com.


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