The New Laurel Review

My nonfiction piece, “Coco Robicheaux and Solomon the Rooster” has been published in The New Laurel Review Issue XXVI, 2015.


There’s some amazing work featured here by Gina Ferrara, Valentine Pierce, Dave Brinks,  Andre Codrescu, JEWEL BUSH, Ralph Adamo,  Dennis Formento, Mark Folse, Delia Tomino Nakayama, Scott S. Ellis, Benjamin Morris, Thomas Bonner,  Raymond “Moose” Jackson, John Gery, Henri Andre’ Fourroux III,  and more!

Also great photos by Phyllis Parun

Issues are $20 per copy and can be ordered from:


The New Laurel Review

828 Lesseps Street

New Orleans, LA 70117



(PS: Another piece was attributed to me by mistake, “When the music is dying” so if you wrote it, let me know! Not sure how that happened, it’s a short prose poem.)


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