I’m reading at LadyFest 2015!

I’m reading at LadyFest 2015!   Here’s the venue and line-up:

Thursday, November 5th, 6-9 pm

2442 N Villere Street, NOLA


Phyllis Parun, Gina Ferrara, Nancy Dixon, Roxy Seay, Sara Jacobelli, Emily Ewings, Izzy Oneiric, Lisa Pasold, Andrea Young, Larua McKnight, Nancy Harris, Stacey Balkun, Jessica Rudy Radcliffe

Saturday, November 7th, 4-7 pm

1432 Magazine Street, NOLA


Valentine Pierce, Madeleine Levy, Michelle Embee, Nordett Adams, Kesha Star Young, Contance Adler, Fiyah Like Ayanna, Sandra Johnson, FreeQuency, Whitney Mackman,  (The Witness), Alice Urchin, Roselyn Lionhart, Margaret A Marley, Melanie  Leavitt, Amanda Emily Smith

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