Four Rooms on East Main: Part Two: The Elevator


The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 7

Bridgeport , CT


Leavitt’s Department Store



The Elevator

Clare was pretty in a fortyish movie star kind of way, half hidden by department store sales lady clothes. In the elevator, she squirmed to get away from her smarmy sweaty boss. He leaned in close. “You smell good, honey. You sampling our perfume?”

She was too tough, too Irish to cry. She pushed him away. “Leave me alone Mr. Samuels. You don’t know how hot-headed my husband is.  He’ll kill you, you keep bothering me.”

“Your husband? You want him to kill me, go to prison? Is that what you want? You wanna be alone with your kids, no husband, livin on this measly paycheck? You wanna raise up your kids on Welfare an Church Charity?”

The elevator stopped at the first floor. The ancient faded signs on the wall declared, “Welcome to the NEW Leavitt’s.” Her kids always laughed at those signs.  Clare vowed to take the stairs from now on. With someone. She’d grab Franny from Men’s Wear or Cynthia from Cosmetics. They’d take the stairs two by two.  Maybe she would look for another job. She’d start looking at the Help Wanted ads in the Bridgeport Post.


©    Copyright 2016 by Sara Jacobelli


“Bridgeport Public Library,

“Department Store Museum,”

“The Bridgeport Post

Photo Credit: “Leavitt’s ad”, The Bridgeport Post 


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