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The editor and a Reporter

I grew up in the factory city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, far from the Connecticut of Yale and yachting. Neither my Irish mother nor Italian father finished high school. I dropped out of Harding High and hitchhiked around the country. When Denver Juvenile Hall tried to keep me locked up for being under age, I demanded a Legal Aid attorney and went to court and became legally emancipated.

I survived by washing dishes, working out of labor pools, and eating at the Salvation Army.  In New Orleans I ran errands for the doormen, bartenders, and strippers on Bourbon Street. Eventually, I landed jobs in bars and restaurants;  bussing tables, waitressing, bartending. I’ve worked too many jobs to list here.  In my twenties I passed the GED. I took some community college classes at Delgado in New Orleans and City College in San Francisco.

In California I co-founded and edited the zine The Dagger.   For three and half years I wrote for the Anderson Valley Advertiser, a radical  weekly newspaper in Boonville, California. (This was really a writer’s boot camp and I’m grateful for the experience). I will always have a love for the newspaper world.

In later years, I earned a degree in special education from Xavier University in New Orleans and taught for almost five years. Recently, I attended LSU and earned my MLIS, masters in library and information science.

I’ve published both fiction and nonfiction in various small publications.  I use Duotrope’s submission tracker. https://duotrope.com/  I will share my trials and tribulations in entering short story contests, and submitting pieces to different publications. You may also want to enter some of these contests. I am currently sketching out ideas for a novel.




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Contact information:  sarajacobelli at hotmail dot com

Photo Credits:

“The Editor and the Reporter” by Vin Crosby, CC NonCommercial

“Marie Laveau’s Grave” by Alex Morgan


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